Introducing this Year's Grow

Jun 09, 2022

After much procastination, back breaking transplanting, dirt moving, and watering - Spicy Farm has it’s first update.

This season contains a wide assortment of peppers ranging from sweet to extremely hot, but all will be colorful. All plants are doing well and some have began bearing fruit. In no particular order, this year’s grow consists of:

  1. Purple Cayenne
  2. Yellow Cayenne
  3. Jalapeno
  4. Carolina Reaper
  5. Blush Carolina Reaper
  6. Habanero
  7. Hungarian Wax
  8. Thai
  9. BOC (Bhut Orange Copenhagen)
  10. Hurt Berry
  11. Lemon Starrburst
  12. Yellow Bell
  13. Red Bell
  14. Fatalii
  15. Chocolate Reaper
  16. 7 Pot Lava
  17. Devil’s Tongue White
  18. Brain Collapse Peach
  19. Borg 9 Chocolate
  20. Chocolate Brainstrain